12 February 2012

FaLliNg IN loVe

Once in life time
an angle sweeps you off your feet
and everything i'm about
disappears before my eyes
you're taking me higher when i hear you speak to me
it feels so familiar that i; m cought up in this fantasy

now i can't seem to fight myselft
i cant' seem to ease my mind
i think i'falling
and i cant' stop falling, i'm falling in love with you

when i look into your eyes
i see your love that comforts me
every now when i go to sleep
i wait to see you in my dreams
you're taking me higher
when i hear you say my name
i'm trying to tell you
that i never want to let you go

over and over again
it plays out in my mind, i can see it clearly
you've given me something new to believe in
come take me away...

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